Christmas and New year evenings will be soon here with their tasty dinners and of course, if possible most of us will want Champagne in our glass ! Or, any other wine or drink with bubbles…
So here is a good reciepe for you : The marquisette drink.
You will need :

  • 7l of white wine
  • 7 + 3 lemons 
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 2l of lemonade
  • 2l of Champagne or “mousseux” (sparkling wine)
  • Vanilled sugar (3 lil bags)
The day before, you put in the bowl : the wine, sugars, the juice of 7 lemons. And you leave all the night in the fridge.
The day after, before serving. You cut the 3 remaining lemons in slices that you add in the bowl and you add the lemonade and Champagne !
Cheers ! 
Fizz is also the name of the current Flash Group gift at Petit Chat. This is a dress coming in 5 standard sizes and in Sand color.
A bunch of straps fall from the shoulder on the arm. 
The dress is materials enabled.
You can find the gift giver at the welcome area on the counter. Just touch the box while you are wearing Petit Chat group tag and you will recieve your bag.
And stay tuned ! Within a couple of day, the monthly group gift will be available for december. And … as usually during xmas holidays our very own Santa will bring a new group gift each days during 12 days before the 25th. You dont want to miss that ! This year all xmas group gifts will be original mesh and exclusive !
Stay warm till then ! 


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