The chapter 4 : Monthly event

Each month from 4th till 20th.<img src="The Chapter Four -event-.png" alt="The Chapter 4 poster" height="512" width="1024">


Chapter 4 January round :

This month we have 2 exclusives !

Petit Chat exclusive 1: Louison set

In Street Half Price

100 % original mesh by Trinity Yazimoto.

Roses grow on you! Delicate petals for delicate skin…there is nothing like the softness of a rose petal against your skin. And, of course, there are no thorns with these….the only thing that will catch you will be your adoration for some lovely buds. Well,,,a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…Louison!

Each piece comes with a Full Hud for customization.
You may change color on separated parts : Flowers, Center flowers, Beads, Metals.
6 Color options for each part.
Bracelet and Necklace are sold separately or as a full set.

Materials enabled
Perms: Copy and mod.

Full set : 123 L$ (50% Off)

Necklace : 88 L$ (50% Off)

Bracelet : 63 L$ (50 % Off)

Petit Chat exclusive 2 : Vintage Glass Frames

In Street 2X1

100 % original mesh by Trinity Yazimoto.

One piece of good advise is to look out of every window. If it’s in a Vintage Glass Frame then your world will be coloured with soft hues. Be it Candy Floss or Mint the outlook is clear. It’s a wonderful SL day and the windows never need washing! Add these to your favourite place and put some colour in your life.

4 colors available : Teal, Natural, Mint, Candy
Fatpack available

Materials enabled
Perms: Copy and mod.

Fatpack (20% OFF) : 100 L$

Natural & Teal : 69 L$ (2X1)

Candy & Mint : 69 L$ (2X1)

Happy shopping at the Chapter Four ! TAXI 

Enjoy !