The chapter 4 : Monthly event

Each month from 4th till 20th.<img src="The Chapter Four -event-.png" alt="The Chapter 4 poster" height="512" width="1024">


Chapter 4 September round :


Petit Chat exclusive : Happy briefcases

<img src="poster-sl.png" alt="Happy briefcase for Chapter four" height="1020" width="1024">


3 options available : Shiny metals, Moirés, Denims.

Each of them comes with a hud giving 8 options for each parts (metals, main, patch and handle)

100 % original mesh and design

Copy and mod.

99 L$ each option.


Happy shopping at the Chapter Four ! TAXI 

The Hidden Chapter (opens on the 14th) :

<img src="fanny-poster.png" alt="Fanny earrings" height="1020" width="1024">

And this is our exclusive for the new round of the Hidden Chapter !

Hud driven

Enjoy !