A new round of InspirationSL is on ! This time inspiration is : Esmeralda the gypsy.
Event will run till April 9th and was supposed to be our final one…. but…. We will maybe come with some suprise next week about the future of this event \0/
But for now, let’s focus on our inspiration : Esmeralda the gypsy. Heroïn of Victor Hugo ‘s book : The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Aside the book, for me she will remain the beautiful Gina Lollobrigida in the beautiful movie from Jean Delannoy The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Gina was the perfect actress for this role IMHO, as she had the kind of beauty a gypsy would have : wild, untameable, spicy, sparkly…. Facing her was Anthony Quinn playing an unforgettable Quasimodo.. I was really child when i watched this movie, but i still remember him begging for water before the cathedral… In french that was “A boire…. A boire….”. My dad used to mimic him for my sister and I so where were giggling each time he was doing that….
<img src="Inspiration-poster-for-March-17.png" alt="poster InspirationSL event march round : Esmeralda the gypsy" height="1024" width="1024">
Esmeralda Set, our exclusive item :
<img src="necklace-vendor.png" alt="Esmeralda necklace vendor" height="596" width="1024"><img src="earrings-vendor.png" alt="Esmeralda earrings vendor" height="596" width="1024">
<img src="anklets-vendor.png" alt="Esmeralda Anklets vendor" height="596" width="1024"><img src="bracelets-vendor.png" alt="Esmeralda bracelets vendor" height="596" width="1024">
Original mesh
Copy and modify
Full set also availble
Hud driven (metals and glasses)
3D model available inworld with test hud
<img src="full-set-vendor.png" alt="Esmeralda Full set vendor" height="596" width="1024">