A new round of InspirationSL is on ! This time inspiration is : A summer of Betty Boop
Event will run till Sept 3rd (yes !)
Our new inspiration is the sexy Betty Boop ! Perfect icon for feminity. Althought she started first being a female dog humanised. Then she became more and more human and at some point, she became a human totally and had to stop her romance with her first fiance, Bimbo, as he was a dog and Betty being a woman that would have been considered as bestiality.
Betty Boop remained being a sex symbol. With the time, she worn a bit more clothes but her curves were always the incarnation of a high sex appeal.
And as she used to love sea stuffs and even met Popeye, we thought that she could also incarnate the summer soon coming.
<img src="  Inspiration poster - 18th June 17.png" alt="InspirationSL poster betty boop" height="1024" width="1024">
A summer of Betty, our exclusive item :
Original mesh
Copy and modify
Necklace and earrigns sold separately or as a full set
Hud driven
<img src="poster-sl-1.png" alt="a summer of betty jewel set vendor" height="1020" width="1024">

And i also made a gift for our visitors (no group required) :

<img src="garland-vendor.png" alt="Garland gift vendor" height="596" width="1024">

This is a cute garland for your deco. It comes at 8 LI size but it will vary according you make it bigger or smaller.

Enjoy !