Lost & found

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Lost & found : Monthly event.
Starts on 22nd of each month till 18th the month after. 


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Smart Gourmette @ Lost & Found July round


It is sadly the final round of this cute event. Everything has to come to an end, and well it sadden me to say goodbye to this one because it is a bit special for me.

Our exclusive is a 2 rows chain bracelet (gourmette is the french name for chain bracelet). It comes with a basic hud including 4 metal options. 3 add-ons are also available that will add a lil decor on the tag.



The whole set is, of course, all original pieces and they come with Copy and Mod perms so you may  customize even more to your liking. (There are 2 notecards in the  pack that will help you to get the best of the item).


Have fun !

New Taxi !