Lost & found

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Lost & found : Monthly event.
Starts on 22nd of each month till 18th the month after. 


<img src="poster-sl.png" alt="Cherry jewel set poster for Lost & found event may 2017" height="1020" width="1024">

Cherry jewel set @ Lost & Found May round


In order to inaugurate this new setting of this great event, because, hey ! it moved on a new sim, we did create a lovely jewel set on the cherry theme. Because it’s may and what do we eat in may ? Cherries !!! One of my top 5 fruits.

The set includes a long necklace and also a pair of earrings.

You may buy them separately or together as a full set.

Each of them comes with a hud and you have 4 options for each parts ( cherries, leaf, metal  and string for the necklace and cherries, leaf and metal for the earrings)

<img src="hud-necklace-1.png" alt="Cherry necklace hud texture for Lost & found event" height="1024" width="1024">

The whole set is, of course, all original pieces and they come with Copy and Mod perms so you may  customize even more to your liking. (There are 2 notecards in the  pack that will help you to get the best of the item).

Earrings alone are : 95 l$

Necklace : 110 L$

Full set (including the 2 items) is : 160 l$.

Have fun !

New Taxi !