Each month a new groupgift : we take one item from our collection and create a recolor version that will be available only the time of the gift. It’s a limited edition.

June 2017 groupgift :

So, this month, our limited edition is about the Balmy jumpsuit. I created a new version of it in green and the top is all bright yellow ! Because that’s the moment of the year we get our garden ready for the summer so i thought those 2 colors were perfect for the gardening season !

<img src=" june-2017.png" alt="Balmy jumpsuit for monthly groupgift" height="1024" width="1024">

It gives an outfit super lively !

Jumpsuit and top comes in 5 standard sizes + fitted. They are copy only.

This version is limited one. And you can get it ONLY via the monthly groupgift giver (you need to join Petit Chat group inworld) and it will no longer be available once July groupgift will be released. So you have time but do not wait too much because once gone it’s gone.

You will find the  other regular versions on sale in the store (upstairs) along with the demo if you want more.

Group fee is 50 l$ to join.