How would you dress for a first rendez-vous ? It’s always a braintease because you need to find a good balance between going dressed too much sexy and provocative and between going dressed like a nun. And to make things harder, you want, of course, to make not noticiable the fact you spent 2 days in getting ready. You want to look natural and just like another day… Except it’s not like another day.. lol.

Will wear pants or a dress ? And if it’s a dress, short or long ? Colored or neutral tones ? What about the low-cut neckline ?

And your hair ? Naturals ? Updo ? Brushing ? Discret make up or more obvious ?

As I said : a braintease…. Finally, you will be perfect anyway… Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

<img src="12-mars-blog.png" alt="Rendez-Vous top and pants for flash groupgift march 12-13th" height="1277" width="2048">

New flash groupgift : Rendez-Vous outfit :

And for your next rendez-vous, we have this new flash groupgift for you. We selected the Rendez-Vous top in Forest color and paired it with the Rendez-Vous pants in peach color.  If you click our gift box you will recieve both packs.

More details on our dedicated page.


Details and Credits of the picture :

What I am wearing ?

Pants : *PC* Rendez-Vous pants Peach 
Sweater : *PC* Rendez-Vous Sweater Forest Maitreya
Mesh head : Genesis_Head_Lena_3.2 Bento
Skin : HUD_Genesis_Lab_Skin_Bianca_CREAM
Eye shadow and lipstick from Genesis Lab
Mesh body : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Hair & whips : [ DUE ] Sugar // & Sugar Whips v1 //
Choker : [ evolove ] – Mandy – Horn Choker – Gold
Eyes : [GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes Pack – EY09A Water Bubbles Pack A ( I am quite in love with those eyes i bought a few weeks ago at the Kinky monthly event but only found them today in my inventory (do not laugh.. its still really early compare to the average of my purchases). The basic mesh eyes are free and you must get packs to fill your hud and then apply on the mesh. They look awesome, and i loved them so much that i went back to the store today to buy more packs)

Decor and pose : Foxes – Travelling Heart – Caravan White EXCLUSIVE (from an Epiphany round)


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