Coucou !!! In addition to my posts about the 10 sims of Fashion for Life, i wanted to tell you a bit about the Passport game running all over the event. To join the fun, you need to get a passport at one of the redemption centers. There is one on each sim, at the […]

Coucou !! I hope you are ready for our visit to the 10th and last sim of Fashion for Life 2014.  We will explore Wander sim today ! This one is about non-mechanised flight and has been designed by Grace Loudon and Rathmeous Dagger. Sponsors are Zanze and Miamai. It’s a really colored and lively […]

Coucou !!! Ready for more exploration over the Fashion for Life gorgeous sims ? I hope you are ! Today we are going to explore the gorgeous Voyage sim. So you will ask : “What is this sim about ?”. It’s about 2 and 3 wheeled transportation.  I’m going to add here, that the architecture […]

Coucou again my friends ! For our 8th visit at Fashion For Life we will visit the Trek sim. This one is designed on the mechanised flight by Troy Vogel.  Sponsors are Azul and Essenz. For this post i chose to wear the following items coming from my shopping in Promenade sim :  Make up […]