Coucou, After the Circe bikinis, we must have also a cute pareo set to wear while hanging out in beach areas. After all, it’s summertime. We don’t need to wear a lot, but still we need some lil pieces of clothing to enhance our natural beauty. And what is best than a lovely pareo set […]

Coucou ! Ok, I’m not going to hide it, I’m not really fan of beach time. In fact I hate the contact of the sand on my skin and this one is so dry that the salt in the sea water is not a good time for me. I don’t really like it in SL […]

Coucou !!! In addition to my posts about the 10 sims of Fashion for Life, i wanted to tell you a bit about the Passport game running all over the event. To join the fun, you need to get a passport at one of the redemption centers. There is one on each sim, at the […]

Coucou !! I hope you are ready for our visit to the 10th and last sim of Fashion for Life 2014.  We will explore Wander sim today ! This one is about non-mechanised flight and has been designed by Grace Loudon and Rathmeous Dagger. Sponsors are Zanze and Miamai. It’s a really colored and lively […]