Coucou ! On the road again to visit some of the Fashion for Life 2014 sims today ! We will start with the Parade sim. This one is about pedal power and is designed like a maya city. It has been built by Pluto Fairey.  Sponsors are KL couture and Leezu. The sim spreads out […]

Coucou ! Still at Fashion for Life event ! Let’s stop at Meander sim for a bit, would you ? This sim has been designed by Grace Loudon on the southwest beach theme. It’s sponsored by Pure Poison and Body Canvas. Well don’t try, like me, to jump on the ships. They are turned to […]

Coucou ! Still traveling accross the 10 Fashion for Life regions. (links to other posts at the end of this one). We will stop now at Journey.  This sim has been designed by TotalLunar Eclipse on the steampunk theme. But more precisely i would say it is inspired by Cthulhu myth from Lovecraft. The sim […]

Coucou ! We go on our visit of Fashion for Life sims. If you missed the first post you can read it here. So now, we will stop at Excursion (clik to get the slurl). It’s sponsored by Tres Beau and Lapointe & Bastchild. I would describe it as a Venetian style village. It has been […]