Ok, ive been busy lately and so this blog is late lol.In the meantime there have been some new release in Petit Chat. Of course !So here they are : The Apocalypse outfit :an elegant long pants outfit. It exist in 2 versions because i know some of you doesnt use mesh enabled viewers : The […]

Hiya everybody, On jan 31th, the beautiful sim Lost World will close. This is a sad news, but lets keep positive and lets hope this will be the start of something new soon. Ive talked with the owner of Lost World recently, and he said to me that he keeps hoping open soon another Lost […]

2012 is finished… Here is the new year ! Let ‘s home 2013 will be a great one !So why not starting the new year with a fairytale ?So here is mine for celebrating the new year’s coming. Clochettes Versus Spellbound           Once upon a time 2 lovely Clochette fairies were living […]