Coucou ! We go on our visit of Fashion for Life sims. If you missed the first post you can read it here. So now, we will stop at Excursion (clik to get the slurl). It’s sponsored by Tres Beau and Lapointe & Bastchild. I would describe it as a Venetian style village. It has been […]

Coucou ! So as i said in my previous post, Fashion for Life will be open from the June the 7th till the 20th. Fashion for Life is a fund raiser event, gathering more than 150 SL fashion designers together. Every designers has been asked to create at least 2 exclusive items for the event, […]

Coucou my dears ! I am super proud to announce you that Petit Chat is present at the Penumbra Fashion Week, currently runing from last sunday till next sunday.The Penumbra Fashion Week is a prestigious fashion event.“PENUMBRA. SPRING/SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2014, a very much anticipated one week event takes the pioneer to display and express […]