Petit Chat participate in another event : Toxiic Sales Room. Here, some designers brings some of their creations and set them to a price between 30 and 100 l$.A good opportunity for you all, to get one of your favorite designs for a sweet sweet price. The new round start the 5th of march and […]

So Petit Chat is also participating to the Fashion Wardrobe event (thanks to my friend PinkRayne who gave me the tip).Here no exclusivity asked BUT great deals. Each round last 1 month. It started a the beguining of march and will last till the 31st. Here a fine selection of SL Designers present you some […]

So here is another event with Petit Chat : The Fashion Collective. It is a prestigious fashion event gathering really famous and great SL designers, and im really honored to participate to it.Located in a gorgeous and peaceful garden, the invited designers bring to you some exclusive items. The manager, Nayomi Gartner, set an amazing […]

Well, yes, i know, it is almost one year i haven’t been updating this blog. You can easily figure a lot of things happened, but im not going to tell you all here, it will be soon boring. I’m the kind of person who lives in her present. Present is today. So we will keep […]