Well, it was about time to update this retirement sale room, as it hasnt been done for months.

Between 0 and 50 l$ !

As its name says, this room is the last shelter for some oldest items before they are gone forever.  But, it doesnt mean they are outdated. It’s just we prefer our store with a limited ammount of items. We do not want our store to look like a giant apparel supermaket. That’s not our goal. We do prefer our shop to look like an atelier.

But what about the Marketplace ? You would ask. Well deleting for deleting, we are retiring the items from everywhere. Like everything else our creativity and skills evolve. We want our MP to reflect our current style and production aswell.

<img src="bargain-feb-blog.jpg" alt="Bargains room updated feb 17 adpic" height="1226" width="2048">


So be it, we will say goodbye to those lovely items soon. This is your last chance to get them and we have priced them between 0 and 50 l$ so really, there is no reason to hesitate.

And you can touch vendors and hit “demo” button on the pop up menu if you want to try them before (which is always a good idea).

As you may prefer to shop from MarketPlace too, you can use this LINK to go directly to the 2 pages of promo.

The full list with pics is here on our dedicated page. 

And the TAXI to go to the room is HERE. 

Happy shopping !


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