Hello ! September is the month when harvests happen where i am living. So I thought i would transform the Cherry Basket into a Grape Basket ! So here we go ! And it comes with the same texture HUD than the regular version. Now, you will be ready for any shopping you will plan […]

Fishbone set @ The Secret Affair graphic

Fishbone set @ The Secret Affair

Our exclusive for the new round of the Secret Affair : Fishbone set ! Fishbone set : Like an empty plate or the fossil remains of something long gone…the Fishbone makes a triumphant return as fashion jewellery! Each bone, delicately picked (over) by nimble teeth (thanks to the cat) and fashioned into earrings and necklace. […]

Venus Gatcha Set @ The Secret Affair graphic

Venus Gatcha Set @ The Secret Affair

We hare really happy to join The Secret Affair event this month. Our Exclusive is a gatcha set : Venus Gatcha Set : 4 Rares : complete outfit (bra-skirt-Vj Shell) in exclusive colors 30 commons : bras skirts VJ shell (8 colors to mix and match) anklets bracelets (3 colors to mix & match) Pull […]