Coucou !

On top of the Fashion Collective and the True Fashion Times, Petit Chat is currently participating to the Vogue Fall Festival 2014.
As I got a week of RL vacations i could create some exclusive items for this event.

Petit Chat stall at the event.
First there are those 4 superb leather jackets : the (R)Evolution jackets.
(R)Evolution jacket black
Althought they are from Petit Chat regular collection, I couldnt resist to create materials for them. So if you can enable your ALM settings, you will be even more amazed by the great light reflection on them.
(R)Evolution jacket brown.
Those jackets exist in 4 colors : black, brown, pink and red.
They are opened in the front, so better to wear something under, like a short top or a bra, or even like I did, a fancy tattoo.
(R)Evolution jacket pink
They come in 5 sizes and also in fitted mesh version. They are copy and price is 180 L$, a really small price for such quality.
The other exclusive item is a cute beret. 
(R)Evolution jacket red
This one is not rigged so you can modify it and it has a resize script if you need.
It comes in gatcha version (30 l$ per play).
There are 4 colors (green, brown, pink and red) and each of them comes in 4 patterns : square, waves, square and heart, waves and hearts.
The Gamine berets
You will see, there are also several other items on my stall. 4 from the ArtFashion collection, and several others from the regular collection.
See you there !
As you can see I played a bit with the pics, as i shot them in front of a white screen and created later in pshop a background. 
I have cropped the pics, deleted the white background and added the colored background, create shadow and also fixed some of the glitches happening while i was deleting the white background. BUT I can assure you I haven’t touched the layer with my avi wearing the items other than what I just said. The items looks here exactly same than on my viewer.
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