The Project Se7en is not just “another event”. We gather a group of talent designers on the grid who offer high quality designs AS WELL AS some small-to-mid scale stores with unique and original creations that you seldom see in events. TP7 do not limit on themes and varieties. We aim to meet with large variety of guests from different genders, different tastes, different styles and different countries.

The Project Se7en runs on the 30th of every quarter (i.e. March, June, Sept, Dec) of the year.

<img src=" The-Project-Se7en-Logo.png" alt="The project7 logo" height="1024" width="1024">

October round (sept, 30th- oct-20)
Atlas Cuffs

Our exclusive is a set of beautiful and colored leather cuffs.

<img src="atlas-cuff-poster.png" alt="Atlas cuffs for the project7 event" height="1020" width="1024">

They come with a hud ( 6 options for leather, 6 for metals and 4 color sets for the dots)


100 % Original mesh

Copy and Modify


Your TAXI