Outlet corner is updated ! graphic

Outlet corner is updated !

Our tiny bitsy outlet corner has been updated today. This is your last chance to get those items before they are gone forever. Most of them are free, and all others are 50 l$ max. See the gallery and get the taxi HERE

Outlet Section updated ! graphic

Outlet Section updated !

As you know, we like to clear our collections from time to time. Before being retired, a bunch of items are moved to the outlet section at a super low price (under 50 l$) or even given for free. More details and gallery here 

Retirement sale room updated ! graphic

Retirement sale room updated !

Well, it was about time to update this retirement sale room, as it hasnt been done for months. Between 0 and 50 l$ ! As its name says, this room is the last shelter for some oldest items before they are gone forever.  But, it doesnt mean they are outdated. It’s just we prefer our […]