Do you love discovering an unbelievable deal? Do serious sales get your adrenaline pumping? Are you a Discount Diva? So, if you answered yes then its time we let you in on a little secret… Secret Sale Sundays that is!

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Every Sunday at midnight the staff of this event will reveal a new list of Creators offering an item from their store discounted down to ONLY L$50! But you better move fast because these discounts only last 24 hours! So what are you waiting for?!

Also, check out the gallery on their website now to see what is available this week!!!!

Get your Secret Sale Sundays Location HUD >HERE<

Petit Chat is always happy to join this event (1 or 2 a month)

Our deals for Sunday, Sept 13th @ Secret Sale Sundays :

Thus, you can get those items for 50 l$ each on September 13th only (SLT)

Festival Set (1) : Exclusive New Release

  • Barrel in 6 colors : 3 Li
  • Stool with 24 animations : 3 Li

This set is inspired by a RL festival happening every summer during 1 month, in North Catalonia. There will be other sets added to this collection soon.

100 % Original mesh- Copy/Modify/Materials enabled

Manosque Stoneware Crockery Fatpack

**Tray : 1 Li
** single plate & Pile of plates : 1 Li
** Salt : 1Li
** Pepper : 1 Li
** Sugar bowl : 1 Li
** Ramekins : 1 Li
** Pitcher : 1 L1
** Egg cup : 0.5 Li + Egg cups X 4 : 2 Li
** Tumbler : 0.5 Li + Tumblers X 6 : 3 Li
** Mug : 0.5 Li + Mugs X 6 : 3 Li

  • In 4 colors

100 % Original mesh- Copy/Modify/Materials enabled

Fishbone Full Set

Like an empty plate or the fossil remains of something long gone…the Fishbone makes a triumphant return as fashion jewellery! Each bone, delicately picked (over) by nimble teeth (thanks to the cat) and fashioned into earrings and necklace. As we like to say…plenty more fish in the sea – enough for all your fashion jewellery needs anyway!

Set includes :

  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Texture Hud

100 % Original mesh- Copy/Modify/Materials enabled

Acorn set :

Available in Fuscia and in Green version

Set includes :

  • Necklace
  • Bracelet

100 % Original mesh- Copy/Modify/Materials enabled

TP :

A Hud dispenser is there too, if you need to catch one to visit other participating stores.