Moumou’s Square is my own place.

Moumou’s Square in 2018

Location details :

For years, Moumou’s square has been located on a 1/4 sim I was renting. The company I was renting from was good. But having neighbors changing constantly in SL is something that can bring problems. Like having lag because there are several clubs around on the sim, or having ugly buildings or landscapes growing up right next to my parcel.

Thus, one day, with my dear friend Pinkrayne, we decided to buy our own region. We took the opportunity Linden Lab offered at this time, to get it grandfathered, so we could lower the fee.

We, then decided to split the sim in 2 parts. However, we did not on the horizontal axis, like all the parcels are usually done in SL but on the vertical axis. Therefore, Pinkrayne has her gorgeous Yorkshire sim in the sky and I located Moumou’s Square on the ground level. This way, we have both the whole size of the sim to create our lands.

This is the reason, you may have at the top of the viewer a different name when you roam on Moumou’s Square, or on Yorkshire.

The important is that both lands are located on the region : Rayne and Petit Chat.

Moumou’s Square in 2018

Moumou’s Square

Moumou’s Square is my land.

It hosts my own mainstore “Petit Chat“, my Artgallery “Petit Chat Artgallery“. And it is also an ode to my own region in RL : Languedoc-Roussillon in the southern France.

Here, the climate is dry. We have sweet winters (but still winters) and hot and dry summers. Between both seasons there isn’t much. Springs use to be unstable till we have early summer coming suddenly and get our temperatures getting high within 2 or 3 days.

Our falls are usually Indian summers, till the cold arrives all of a sudden.

The vegetation is not very lush. It’s not dry totally, but our greens are not the vibrant kind.

The type of landscape we have the most is vineyards and garrigue.

Moumou’s Square has been called after my beautiful and beloved cat Indiana, that I used to call “Moumou”. I have been lucky to share my life with her for 17 years. She passed away in 2013. But she’s still alive in my heart for ever, and I’m sure she would have adored the new Moumou’s Square.


Visiting Moumou’s Square.

Moumou’s Square is built all over a canal. An evocation to the beautiful Canal du Midi in my RL region, which is an impressive and beautiful build.

The land is divided in several parts. I do update the landscape from time to time. But never all together, as my time is limited for this and I like the changes goes progressively.

The sim is always open to visitors and if you wish to get rezz rights for your photos, you may IM Pinkrayne or myself anytime. We will send you a temporary membership (usually 2 weeks) so you may rezz your own poseballs or props.

If you shoot photographs in Moumou’s Square, you are welcome to post them on our Flickr Group.

The country corner.

The country corner (click to get the slurl) is a quiet and relaxing spot where vegetation is more important than human additions.

On one side you may find a quiet campfire, an ice-cream carts with a few tables, and hidden behind the hill a comfy spot with a hut and a tiny beach sore to go and swim.

This spot is perfect for flânerie, chit and chat with friends, romantic date, or just day dreaming…

To be continued