(This page is an archive of the old Moumou’s Square when it was only 1/4 sim, years ago. Moumou’s Square is now a whole sim located in Rayne & Petit Chat region. See the other page for more infos)

Moumou’s Square is a gorgeous public garden surrounding Petit Chat’s mainstore.
Landscaping is done by my friend Trixxie Nitely.

Usually when you arrive there, you land in the mainstore (but TP is free, so you can set up a LM everywhere else you want).
At both sides of the store you will see doors.
If you step thru the one of the 2 front doors, you will lead to the bigger part of the garden.

Beside the picnic area, you will find a bike station. With a simple click you get a menu asking you to choose a bike. Then you will just have to sit on it and ride all over the garden (be careful to not fall in the river hehehe).

You can adjust the speed by just clicking on the bike once you are sit on it.

You will have to cross over the bridge to reach the other side of the river.

A peaceful river runs all over the garden, and it’s bordered by old stone walls, making them look a lot like where i live in RL (south of France).

Ducks and fishes are the main population of the river.

On the other side of the bridge, by sunny days, you may enjoy having a drink under the shadow of the pergola. You can even fish, the whole river is 7seas enabled. You will find a 7seas vendor for rods at the back side of the store on the porch.

If its really hot temp, you may enjoy an ice cream at the cart. Feel free to ask, there are a lot of varieties and all free of course.

In the center of the garden you will find a merry go round and swings. Enjoy !

Just next to this area, a picnic rug is at your disposal. You can get some tan here, or just chit and chat with friend while enjoying a milkshake or some cupcakes.

By the other side of the store, you will find a lovely pond with ducks.

You can also fish there. The 7seas vendor for rods is just on the porch.

Another stone bridge will lead you to an peaceful spot where you can sit on one of the deckchairs and just enjoy the view.

In front of this spot, on the other side of the pond, a gypsy trailer stands in the middle of the green.

You can try to step inside it and see if the fortuneteller is there for knowing a bit of your future.

The caravan can also be a fresh shelter when temp get very hot.

I really can tell what side i prefer. I fell in love with both sides with same intensity.
I’m really thankful to my friend Trix. She did an amazing job.

Feel free to come, enjoy, make photos in Moumou’s square anytime.
It’s a public garden, you can come alone or with your friends.
Atmosphere here is really peaceful. I hope you will like it like i do.

Direct taxi for front side : Moumou’s Square front side
Direct taxi for back side : Moumou’s Square back side

Of course the memorial to Moumou hasn’t move. It still stand beside the pergola, i think she would have liked a lot the new Moumou’s Square.

(All pics of this post are snapshots from SL, they went thru my photoshop only for being cropped and resized. I used Firestorm viewer and different windlight settings for sky and water.)

And i made a little video (my first one, so dont expect it’s same quality as Citizen Kane lol…) Here it is :

Music is “Onze” from http://www.musicscreen.be