New release : Mushroom Collection

Ok, you will probably never find such mushroom with such color in RL, but aren’t those cute ? And since it’s SL there is no limit to our imagination !

So here are 4 different mushrooms with 4 colors menu (with click on it).
Also, there is a cluster with 7 mushrooms together (5 Li), as an example, or you may also use it as it is, or just hide the ground part under the floor. (You can change color on each mushroom of the cluster).

Single mushrooms are 1 Li.

Have fun and viva mushrooms ! 😀

Be aware that the land impact may vary with the size.

Mushroom Collection :

Land Impact : 1 Li for each Mushroom – .5 Li for the cluster.

All along the month of March, this new release is an exclusive group gift. After the month, they will be available for sale in my store.

One time fee group is : 50 L$ (2 group gifts each month, 1 being exclusive release)

Taxi to the Group Gifts station @ Petit Chat :

Enjoy !


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