November is about to end and weather is becoming cold and humid.
Going outside with rain and wind is not really pleasant. Althought i enjoy rain, i prefer to enjoy it from behind my window.
There in comfy clothes, i will prepare a good cup of hot chocolate and milk and well… let’s be crazy… a good box of maccarons.
My rl baker does awesome ones. All colored and with different flavors… They are super smooth inside and … i just adore maccarons….

That said, if you need absolutely to go outside you will need a hat to keep your head and ears warm. Petit Chat is releasing today 3 adorable felt hats at Lost & Found november round.

Each version has its own deco : Hearts, Stars, 4 Petals and each of them has its own texture hud coming with a lot of possibilities.
You will love playing with those huds and try all the combinations.
They are modify and copy. (the hat will say otherwise in your inventory but it is just bec the texture script is no modify. The mesh itself is mod and it makes it easy for you to resize it according to the hair you are wearing.)
And given that each version has tons of possibilities with its hud, you will be amazed to know that the price is still really low : 125 l$ for each version.
Isn’t that super great ?

Your TAXI to the event !
Event page.


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