Moumou’s Square in Winter 2023

Oh !!! It was a heavy snow night !!!

Guess what ? Today, Moumou’s Square woke up all covered of snow !

Here is a virtual visit for you !

Moumou’s Square Central

If you follow the TP from the SL Search, you will land at the Central Square.

Central Square – Winter 2023

In this place, you will find several tables and chairs surrounded by a few food trucks. Find a spot for you and your friends and spend some time enjoying food and drinks.

Next, there is also a stage for musicians, and a spot to dance.

At the bottom of the stage, you can find dance machine boards for single and couple.

Central Square – Winter 2023

Direct TP to Moumou’s Central :

The Ice Rink Area

From the Central Square, use the stairs to go down on the docks and head on the bridge to go on the Ice Rink area.

Ice Rink Area – Winter 2023

Of course, in this area, you will find …. a big ice rink ! Click the snowman (actually, sit on it) at the center, and it will offer you skating animations.

All over the rink, you may enjoy Christmas decors, and do not forget to look in the sky … an old man, in red, with beard…. is roaming !

Ice Rink Area – Winter 2023

And we all know that after a good ice skating, we need some comfort … So why not having a good hot chocolate cup and some pastries at the café right next to the ice rink ?

Ice Rink Area – Winter 2023

Direct TP to Moumou’s Ice Rink :

The residential area

Next to the café, you will find a stone bridge that will lead you to our residential area.

At this point, I must say, that nothing is to be rented there. Houses are here for you to enjoy them. You have nothing to pay.

Residential Area – Winter 2023

Enjoy visiting each of the houses !

You will notice also that a lot of cats (among other pets) are living there. Do not hesitate to say hi to them. They usually behave really better than my RL mine :D.

Residential Area – Winter 2023

Do not hesitate to step in houses and spend some comfy time inside !

Residential Area – Winter 2023

You will find a pier on one side, and from there you may step in a boat and enjoy sailing on our canal.

Or you may choose another bridge in order to visit another spot.

Direct TP to Moumou’s Residential :

Moumou’s Woods

Another area to visit is Moumou’s woods.

Populated by wild animals (be careful), but nonetheless they won’t be dangerous if you respect them.

Moumou’s Woods – Winter 2023

Enjoy walking among the trees. Some small food booths will be there, in case you need to eat or drink something… Walking can make one thirsty or hungry….

Moumou’s Woods – Winter 2023

The woods end with a rock hill. At the top of it, it looks like (maybe) Santa has his workshop. I don’t know… There are toys, boxes, etc…. Like someone is using this place to pack presents….

Well, visit it and see what you think, but it’s probable, that Santa is coming here often….

Moumou’s Woods – Winter 2023

At least, it is worth a visit and a check !

And while you’re up there, pay a visit to the small house next to it, specially if you are hungry …

Moumou’s Woods – Winter 2023

Direct TP to Moumou’s Woods :

Petit Chat Mainstore

Going on the visit, you will find another bridge at the other end of the woods.

That one will lead you to my store : Petit Chat.

It has been revamped too in order to give you the best user experience.

Petit Chat mainstore – Winter 2023

And the section where you can find my old collections (jewelry, accessories, shoes) has changed too.

Petit Chat mainstore – Winter 2023

And from there, we will step on another bridge in order to visit the last spot of Moumou’s Square : the gallery.

Direct TP to Petit Chat Mainstore :

Petit Chat Art Gallery

That one has been the same for a long time. So it was time to have some changes there.

Petit Chat Art Gallery – Winter 2023

The gallery is no longer underground, but located in a gorgeous building that I did plane to get from a long time. So now, this is done :p.

Surrounded by a path all over, it’s a good place for a walk, too.

The current is exhibition is still “Around the world with my lil friends”, not new at all. However, I should start a new project soon.

Petit Chat Art Gallery – Winter 2023

If you look carefully around, you will maybe find Moumou’s grave. She takes care of the sim from here :).

Petit Chat Art Gallery – Winter 2023

Enjoy your visit at Moumou’s Square !

The place is public, so come anytime !

If you’d like temporary rez rights, just send an IM to Trinity Yazimoto (and allow me 24 hours to answer).

Direct TP to Petit Chat ArtGallery :