Created in april 2010 by Trinity Yazimoto, Petit Chat offers a range of home & decor items and some accessories.

Our items are 100% original mesh. They are handmade using Blender 3D software.

Textures are baked using Blender Cycle and processed using Photoshop.

I get my inspiration from things I see in Real Life and also in magazines, or on the web.

Our items are materials enabled and most of the time Copy & Modify. (Except for Gatchas)

We give our creations a lot of work and care. However, we are always happy to hear your feedback in order to keep improving our work.

Petit Chat Logo with title : Petit Chat Original Mesh & texture and picture of a cat

Petit Chat mainstore :

Our mainstore is located in Moumou’s Square, our sim.

The store is divided in several sections (accessories, footwear, decors, furnitures).

Because we consider it more like a boutique than a supermarket, we clean our stocks often and keep our offer alive and present.

All around the building, you may enjoy and explore Moumou’s Square, a sim inspired from Languedoc-Roussillon ( a southern french region).

Petit Chat @ The Cookie Jar

The Cookie Jar is a shopping sim dedicated to Home & garden. It’s in SL for a long time and it’s been one of my favorite destination to visit for all those years.

I discovered there so many great stores where i could purchase tons of decors for my home and land.

I got the opportunity, in 2020, to get a small satellite store there.

You may find a range of Petit Chat items there following this slurl :

A bit of history :

Petit Chat was created in April 2010.

My first creations were outfits done with layers and prims, like most of the other items in SL at this time. It was a 2D work. I did my first steps with Gimp and slowly migrated to Photoshop, as soon as the opportunity came.

A few years after, mesh have been introduced in SL. It took me some months before i decide to dive into this new trend. I wanted to create my own mesh, but i was unable to do so at this moment. Thus I started to use templates in order to keep offering a range of clothes with the Petit Chat touch.

Meanwhile, I took classes for 2 years in order to learn Blender software.

My first mesh collections focused on accessories (jewells, hats, bags…) and soon on footwear.

Nowaday, my productions focus most exclusively on Home & Garden decors.

Last update : June, 15th 2020