Each month, Petit Chat offers 4 items for FREE to its group members. And those items are regular items taken from our collections : accessory, jewell, Shoes & Home decor. We hope you enjoy those groupgifts !

October 2019 groupgifts :

This month you may get for free our 4 items :

  • Manosque Cabinets : 4 different shapes of cabinets. 1 monocolor & 1 bicolor versions. Copy and modify (other color sets available in the store)
  • Fanette Hat : a lovely and romantic sunhat + Hud for colors
  • Sofia Heels in Blue : Compatible with Maitreya & Slink and also includes an unrigged version (copy and mod).
  • Smart Gourmette : A beautiful chained bracelet with a blank tag. Hud for metals. (Huds for Tags available in the store)

And everything is 100 % Original Mesh. Also it’s materials enabled.

How to get those? you will ask … It’s simple : use the taxi below, wear your Petit Chat grouptag and touch each of the 4 frames.

You will recieve each groupgifts in a folder within your inventory


Group fee is 50 l$ to join.