Petit Chat Monthly groupgifts :

In january we made a new and colored version of the Birdy set (previously released in 2019)

Birdy Set Green Ed.

This new version is done with new wood, new ceramic and new frame pic.

This set includes
— Chest : 1 LI
— 3 jars : 1 LI each
— Bowl : 1 Li
— Frame : 1 Li
— Frame template for your picture (if you want to add your own picture in the frame)

100 % Original mesh

Copy & Modify – Materials enabled. 

2nd Groupgift : 7bands bracelet in cooper.

In addition, as member of the Petit Chat Group, you may get the lovely 7Bands Bracelet in Cooper version.

100 % Original mesh-Copy and modify. Materials enabled

How to get those groupgifts ? You will ask … It’s simple : use the taxi below, wear your Petit Chat grouptag and touch each of the frames.


Group fee is 50 l$ to join.

Merry Christmas to you all ! Happy holidays !