Each month, Petit Chat offers 4 items for FREE to its group members. And those items are regular items taken from our collections : accessory, jewell, Shoes & Home decor. We hope you enjoy those groupgifts !

November 2019 groupgifts :

This month you may get for free our 4 items :

  • Grace Purse Brown : A fashion accessory ? A ? As every woman knows, the most essential part of any outfit is our purse. It may not always be noticed but it’s contains all the things we need. So when you have one that goes with every outfit that’s a bonus, right? Lipstick….I know it’s in here somewhere… Hud driven with a lot of options. Copy and modify (other color sets available in the store) . Materials enabled
  • Themis Armlets (Silver/Brushed Steel) : Themis…an ancient Greek Titaness was the goddess of law and fairness.and a literal translation is “that which is put in place” Well, these exquisite armbands are certainly put in the right place…right on your arm. One of the symbols of status and fashion in Ancient Greece was the armband. Hey! If it was good enough for some Greek deity…it’s good enough for you right! Be your own Goddess! Hud driven : 6 color options for the stones. 2 metals in single packs, 6 metals for the full set. (copy and mod). Materials enabled
  • Troika Plateforms (Palette 5) : It’s been a long time but it seems platforms are back in style, and about time too! Just like walking on a cloud…the feeling of the extra cushion under the sole of your feet is amazing. Pretty colours and great style with just the right amount of straps. Add to that – they look great with all sorts of spring and summer outfits. Great for walking the beach or the boardwalk. Hud texture :3 colors options for sole, each straps and back and ankle + 4 metal options. Rigged version for : Belleza, Maitreya and Slink feet (Mesh feet not included). There is also an unrigged version, modifiable for any other mesh feet not listed above. It’s always better to use an Ankle lock with shoes, specially with the non rigged version. Copy, modify, materials enabled
  • Milk Churns Set : If you enjoy details, you will enjoy this cute set. It will be a nice addition to any countryside or farm landscape.
    Each item has been built from scratch in Blender. (I do generally start with a cube… and i keep being amazed to see how a simple cube can become something else…) .

This set includes :
— Garden Fork : 2 LI
— Milk Churn : 1 Li
— Milk Churn with cow : 1 Li
— Cow Ceramic : 1 Li

Materials enabled, copy and modify

How to get those? you will ask … It’s simple : use the taxi below, wear your Petit Chat grouptag and touch each of the 4 frames.

You will recieve each groupgifts in a folder within your inventory


Group fee is 50 l$ to join.