Each month, Petit Chat offers 3 items for FREE to its group members. And those items are regular items taken from our collections : accessory, jewelry  & Home decor. We hope you enjoy those groupgifts !


January 2020 groupgifts :

This month you may get for free our 3 items :

  • Jane Glasses : Made of ancient polished metal and with fancy touches of colors, those lovely glasses will protect your eyes with a touch of class.. Driven by a HUD giving 8 colors options + 4 polished metals options + 5 lens opacities. Copy and modify. Materials enabled
  • Aëryn Full Set : It’s amazing what you can bend shapes into! Especially into funky jewellery for the young at heart. That simple look when you don’t want to wear the family heirlooms. This set fits just right with pastel colours and simple chains. For the girl in you! The set includes Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings. They come with a Hud giving 8 options on the metals and 8 on the stones. (copy and mod). Materials enabled
  • Vintage Glass Frame Natural :

One piece of good advise is to look out of every window. If it’s in a Vintage Glass Frame then your world will be coloured with soft hues. Be it Candy Floss or Mint the outlook is clear. It’s a wonderful SL day and the windows never need washing! Add these to your favourite place and put some colour in your life.

Materials enabled, copy and modify

How to get those? you will ask … It’s simple : use the taxi below, wear your Petit Chat grouptag and touch each of the 3 frames.

You will recieve each groupgifts in a folder within your inventory


Group fee is 50 l$ to join.