Hello dear bloggers

Test are now closed. The team will remain like this for now. Stay tuned for a reoppening of the application. You may also contact me via IM, so you can recieve information about the future reoppening of the application.

The current team is :

Adrianna Coba : https://adriannacoba.wordpress.com/
AriannaJasmine : www.worldofvirtualfashion.com

                                           Baya Liberty : http://meandyousl.blogspot.com/

Calystia MoonShadow : https://calystia.wordpress.com/

                                            Elotte Bridger: http://www.elottebridger.com/

Geoffrey Firehawk : http://geoffreysoustouteslescoutures.blogspot.be/

JadedPanther Resident : https://xjadepantherx.wordpress.com/

Jonathan Austrone : https://jonsfashion.com/

Lua Vendetta: http://luasecrets.blogspot.fr/
Morghana Savira : https://fashiondreamsl.wordpress.com/
Orelana : http://lesdeliresdore.blogspot.be/

See also : Elyna Carver From *Fan Shopping Chat* group : https://elycarver.wordpress.com/
Male bloggers :

                              Geoffrey Firehawk : http://geoffreysoustouteslescoutures.blogspot.be/

If you are a male model, you still may contact me inworld, as i am starting a male collection. I won’t have tons of items to start, but well, i will build the collection lil by lil.

Thank you

Trinity Yazimoto