Petit Chat uses ONSC vendor system, created by Old Newman (a really nice person)

Our vendors have several features that you would maybe want to use:

Buy : Well…. of course lol, you can buy my items. For this : right click the vendor and select “buy” option from the menu.

 Then you get the pop up menu asking you to pay. Make sure the name of the item is the right one and click on the button.(Also in order to avoid scam, make sure also that the name of the person to pay is the right one. Here : Trinity Yazimoto (me).  )

Your item will be delivered boxed to your inventory via a pop up window. Accept the pack and voila.
Now all you have to do is to wear this pack and its contents will be sent to within a folder.

That’s all for the classic buy.

Now let’s see the fancier features my vendors will offer to you.

Click the vendor itself and you’ll get a pop up menu \o/

Already this menu tells you the name of the item and it also tells you the price.
But let’s try the several buttons there!

Gift :

Gift button is for when you want to gift an item to someone else.  As my items are usually not transfert, you cant buy and then send to another avatar. But the gift button here is your friend.
Click this button and look in your local chat :

As you can see, the vendor is asking you to type the name of the person you want to send the item. 
Once you have typed the name in the local chat, the vendor will search if an avatar with this name exist in secondlife and once found, it will ask you to right click an pay like for a regular purchase.
If the name is not correctly typed or if the avatar is not existing, it will tells you in the local aswell.
So here, you just need to right click and pay and the vendor sends the item (packed) to the other person. They do not need to be close to you or on the same sim. The vendor will send all around the grid.
If the person is offline, they will get it at their next log. 
If SL ate the sent, there is still the redelivery button (see below).
Gift Card : 

The gift card button is for if you own one of our gift cards. 
You must wear the giftcard in your hand and then touch the vendor. 
Once you get the vendor menu up, hit the “gift card” button and look into your local.
First, the vendor will tell you it is scanning your gift card and see if the ammount of it is enough.
If yes, you will get a pop up window notifying you the pack is delivered to your inventory. 
You just need to accept it.
Click again the gift card it will tell you how much money you still have on it. 
(You can buy more credits or merge several cards together or even transform it in store credit at our terminal on the balcony)
If you dont have enough money on your card the vendor will ask you to right click and pay the difference, and once you will do, you ll get a new buy window with the new price on it. 

Store Credit : 

Each time you buy something from my vendors, you get an ammount of money stored for you in my vendor server and that you can use on a future purchase anytime (no need to wait the ammount is equal to the price of the item.)
You get 10 % for each purchase and 20 % if you are wearing Petit Chat group tag.
This ammount of money is stored for you for 90 days.
If you don’t use it within this period, then it’s lost forever.

To use this store credit, you must click the vendor and on the menu click the “store credit ” button.

Then you see a new window :

In order to use your store credit on this purchase u must click the “Redeem button”.
At the top of the window it will tell you how much you have, how much cost the item and how much you will have to pay once your store credit is deduced from the price.
If you have more than the price, then you ll get lil window with the item delivered (Click “accept”)
If you have less, then the vendor will tell you in the local to right click and pay the vendor for the money missing.

Now if you want to use your store credit to send a gift to someone (Note this feature is not available with giftcard. You ll need to transform your giftcard in store credit at our terminal, prior the transaction)
Click the “gift” button instead the redeem one.
The vendor will ask you in the local the name of the person (see “Gift” chapter) and will ask you to pay a balance if you owe one.

The gift will be sent then to the person of your choice wherever is this person in sl, and if they are offline or online (see “gift” chapter for details”)

Credit info :

As you can assume from its name, this button is for infos about your credit store.

It tells you how much you have, and how much time you have for using it.
It also tells you the rules for store credit : % and time.

Redeliver : 

Now, let’s hit the “Redeliver” button and see what happened.
Of course for getting a redelivery you must have purchased the item already.

If you did less than 90 days ago, you ‘ll see in the local chat :

And a pop up window will offer you a new pack. Click on “accept”.

Expiry of redelivery entries is set to 90 days in order to reduce lag in my vendors as all datas are stored on scripts in my server inworld.
If your purchase is older, contact me via IM inworld (Trinity Yazimoto).

Info : 

This button will deliver to you a NC about the item.

Demo : 

This button will deliver to you a demo pack. You just need to wear this pack and a folder will be sent to your inventory with all the items to test inside.

I hope this lil tutorial about how to use my vendors will answer most of your questions.

If there is still something you need to ask, feel free to IM me inworld, or comment below this post.