The Boardwalk Event : Bimonthly event (Each 2 months)

Jan 15- Feb 15 th


Jan/Feb round :



Petit Chat has 1 exclusive from our new Decor product line

Exclusive  : Emma Set


100 % original mesh

Well, it’s 2019 and time to start something new. Fresh starts needs tarts! I just made that up…but it’s appropriate for the cute Emma set of table, doily, chair and cake stand! Now all you have to do is make the decision…do I add cupcakes to the cake stand or keep your New Year’s resolution! I’d choose the cupcakes myself…


This set includes :


6 colors available : 50 L$ each/200 L$ Fatpack

Land Impact : 3

Chairs :

6 sit animations – 6 colors available : 50 L$ each/ 200 L$ Fatpack

Land Impact : 2


Texture change : 6 options

Land Impact : 1

Doily is texture change.

Cake stand

Texture change : 6 options

Land Impact : 1

Cake Stand is texture Change

Pieces sold separately, so you can mix and match the colors of the chairs and the tables.
Fatpack of chair and fatpack of table available.

Everything is copy and modify.

About baked shadow :
Each piece has a baked shadow on a linked mesh. If you do not want the shadow you may unlink it.

About texture change items :
If you need to rez more than one, do not copy them from the rezzed version, because the script will stop to work. Rez the extra copies from your inventory.

Materials enabled

Happy shopping at the Boardwalk Event ! TAXI 

Enjoy !