The Boardwalk Event : Bimonthly event (Each 2 months)

May 15- June 15 th


May/June round :



Milk Churns Set :

Texture change : 6 options

100 % original mesh

If you enjoy details, you will enjoy this cute set. It will be a nice addition to any countryside or farm landscape.
Each item has been built from scratch in Blender. (I do generally start with a cube… and i keep being amazed to see how a simple cube can become something else…)

This set includes :
— Garden Fork : 2 LI
— Milk Churn : 1 Li
— Milk Churn with cow : 1 Li
— Cow Ceramic : 1 Li

Materials enabled
Perms: Copy and mod.

Happy shopping at the Boardwalk Event ! TAXI

Enjoy !