In my comfy shelter graphic

In my comfy shelter

We all have to give its due to society everyday. We must work, deal with house chores, interact with other people around us, pay our bill, fill form and whatever else is asked to us all allong the days. But once this is done, it’s important to give ourselves a comfy shelter. A place where […]

Finding inner peace after the storm…. graphic

Finding inner peace after the storm….

It takes long time before one can finally find inner peace. In my honnest opinion, it comes with maturity AND wisdom. Youth is not the right time for that. And some people will never reach to find inner peace, no matter how old they are. That’s a long path, but once you get it, you will […]

Resolutions for 2017 ? graphic

Resolutions for 2017 ?

Well, this is the time of the year, when most of the people use to take resolutions for the year… Resolutions they will almost all forget within a few weeks… Some won’t, but the vast majority does. I never take resolutions.. We have already enough ties in our life, without me adding more. Nevertheless, this […]

Hunting dreams ! graphic

Hunting dreams !

Haruki Murakami said : “I dream. Sometimes I think that’s the only right thing to do.” This is something i experience all the time. I keep dreaming even when i’m not sleeping. It makes life better. Not that I dont live my life fully. I do. That one and also my virtual one. I’m living fully both […]