I ♥ The Cart Event is a bimonthly event (each 2 months).

It is a themed event.

Each round, participating stores release an exclusive item according to the theme.

It’s a cart sale, so the purpose is also to provide a few good offers. This is why, you will also find at least 1 item on each cart for the price of 10 L$. Those ones may not be exclusive, but offer a good opportunity to get a lovely thing for a lower price than usually.

Sometimes gifts may also be available on carts.

And… A hunt is ALWAYS coupled with the event. Hunt prizes are EXCLUSIVE. However they aren’t forcelly following a theme. Each prize is 2 l$.

Cart Sale logo. A cart with a Heart and text saying : I heart the cart

If you want more information on the event, you may read their website HERE

The event stands usually on THIS SIM

The event is runned with a lot of kindness by MargeKinson (owner of the Artist Shed)

Petit Chat is always happy to join this event, everytime it’s possible.

Get the dates of the next round on their website and have a look !