The Boardwalk Event : Bimonthly event (Each 2 months)

July 15- August 15 th


July/August round :


Birdy Set :

100 % original mesh

“When you hang this little birdy pic on the wall you will enhance your decor and stand an look at it wondering why it looks so pretty in pink. However, there’s more! Just because you look at the picture don’t overlook the cute chest with accessories to add. Spruce up your nest with this wonderful birdy set.”

This set includes
— Chest : 1 LI
— 3 jars : 1 LI each
— Bowl : 1 Li
— Frame : 1 Li
— Frame template for your picture (if you want to add your own picture in the frame)


Materials enabled
Perms: Copy and mod.

Happy shopping at the Boardwalk Event ! TAXI

Enjoy !