Everything is set up.
Her home looks nice and clean. Not too much in order to add a bit of natural touch. If it looks too much clean, it will show she was stressed. So she messed a few things. She will invite him for a last drink after the ballroom.
She has her hair well dressed, make up applied on her face…. Not too much sophisticated here either… something that looks elegant but still natural..
She’s wearing her new gown and a pair of brand new heels.
She’s just missing her guest.
They are going to ballroom and its their second meeting tonight.
Will he come ? It’s not the right time yet, but she starts to feel really anxious.
What if he doesnt come ?
Oh, she has no time to answer this question, she’s already hearing his car parking before the house. They are going to have a wonderful evening outside today :).

The gown is the Ella gown and as it is just released in Petit Chat mainstore, you can have it for 65 l$ only for the next 48 hours !

Then it will go back to its regular price : 225 l$. So hurry up, this is a deal that can’t be missed.
There are 6 colors to choose from and i am wearing the Gold version for the pic here.

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The photo has been made at the Yorkshire Dales


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