So during this long summer, Aymeric didnt stop designing new eyes. Now the new ones are even more sophisticated…
Alive eyes collection includes highly detailed eyes textures, along with animated prim lights.
Bring the eyes of your avatar to life !
Each pack includes three different levels of light for the eyes, plus two prim lights, worn on eyeballs. Those prim lights are softly animated, bringing a natural movement to the lights and giving the feeling of a real living eye.
Of course, the prim lights may need to be adjusted to your avatar. They include a resize script.
Here are some examples : 

Each pair is only 49 L$ for 3 layers version inside and 3 different sizes + 2 prim eyes.
You may, of course, save money purchasing the Fat Pack version including the 6 colors.

And if you want to try them to know how great they are, you may even find a freebie sample in the store (click the box on the ground).

Enjoy ! You will be completly won over.


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