It’s sunny day today… so what about a lil hang out on the river shore in Moumou’s Square ?
Yes….definitely yes, its what i will do this afternoon.
So i will wear the Sirene outfit for this occasion.
After leaving my stuffs and basket on the shore, i jumped in a lovely yellow inner-tube that was just there, in the water in front of me.
While floating on the inner-tube im wearing the bikini version of the Sirene Outfit.
Its a pearly pink bottom and bra.
We will see it later worn with the silks, it gives a sensual result.
But for now, let’s try the one-piece swimsuit version and dive from the deck beside the shop.

For diving im using this awesome hud i found recently on the Marketplace for only a few L$. I can’t resist to give you the link here : Swim hud.
This one is only 49 L$ and will make you swim and dive with several animations.
And of course you are more than welcome to come in Moumou’s Square and use it in the river here.
So lets see more closer this one-piece bathsuit :
This is the version with displayed bra on the top.
And here’s the simple version.
It can be also worn as bodysuit under long pants for example. Or as underwears.
But the better way to accesorize it is wearing the Sirene silks.
Here silks are worn with the simple bathsuit version.
For this occasion i worn lovely purple headphones i had in my inventory.
Here’s is the bra-corset version with silks.
So this gave me the nice sensation to be a fairy. 

and so worn with the bikini, the silks are perfect for looking like a fairy. 🙂
So after these sweet afternoon, its time for my to take back my little baggy-lunch and to come back to house, with my mind full of these great moments beside the river.
It was a really great afternoon.
The Sirene Outfit is a Petit Chat’s design available here : Petit Chat’s mainstore


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