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As I told you in my last post, Fashion for Life is starting from the 21st and designers have been commited to create 3 exclusive items for that special event which is a fundraising for the American Cancer Society. All the 3 exclusive have to give 100 % of the money to Relay for Life. But you will notice a lot of stores have set more than 3 vendors to give the money to it. In my store there will be 13 items giving 100 % of the money.
Yesterday I showed you the beautiful Solitude gown from the ArtFashion collection. Today I’m going to introduce another exclusive item from this collection : the Wrap around dress and headpiece.

For that one I used my artwork “Wrap around” that you may see here.  That one is from several snapshot I made at Rosemist Isle (no longer existing *sighs*). A muddle of trees with big contrast between the branches and the clearing.
That artwork was not easy to work with but it was worth the effort as the result gives a beautiful texture on the dress giving the impression you are wearing vegetal materials all over your body.
Wrap around dress and headpiece
The dress is short with fancy laces over the top arms. I’ve played with the contrast of the original pics in order to select dark and light parts on the dress.

Wrap around dress and headpiece
Of course it is materials enabled.
The back is really beautiful with 2 crossed straps going from each shoulders to the bottom of the lowcut.
Wrap around from back
The beautiful headpiece comes with the dress too. It’s textured from the same artwork and also materials enabled. On top it’s resizable.
Ajouter une légende
For that shooting I went to the fabulous Cica Ghost sim “The ruins“, a must see IMHO.
The dress and headpieces comes together. You will be able to find them from tomorrow at Paris Sim at Fashion For life 2015.
100 % of the money is going to ACS so it’s a double reason to buy this gorgeous dress !
Happy shopping !
The dress and headpiece will be displayed at the FFL fashionshow happening on the 26th at 4 pm SLT
(Pics of this post havent been edited, only croped. I’ve used ultra graphic settings for the photos)
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