Antique Columns is our new collection released !

An outdoor serie of course !

For now, there are 3 items available.

Everything is 100 % Original Mesh and Copy/Modify/Materials enabled

Antique Columns & Vase :

3 different columns for you to decorate your outdoor landscape.

Those have a Li of 5/6 at 3 meters high. And the large vase is 3 Li at 1,50 m high, perfect to plant any vegetal !

Antique Columns Stone Bench :

This bench comes with 15 single sit animations, and also with 7 cuddle animations.

2 avatars can sit on the bench.

Land impact is 3 Li at the rezzed size.

Bird Bath :

In addition, you can offer a drink to the birds visiting your place with those adorable Bird Bath.

The pack includes the 3 colors.

Water is animated;

Land impact is 2 Li

Where ?

You can find them in Petit Chat Mainstore :


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