It’s a fact, we never have enough holidays…. Summer is leaving, but september is still a good month for holidays.
Petit Chat releases at the Marvelous event the lovely “Holidays outfit” :
Holidays outfit
It is so unusual to get a two piece outfit that not only fits well but to have it semi-transparent is a dream, and just enough to be tantalizing! This new two piece shirt and pant set is just the ticket for that chic and stylish look that also says sophistication. In rich glossy tones the thigh length shirt can be mixed or matched with the cozy fitted leggings. In rich and vibrant colours; there are so many choices you can have fun finding your best look!
Tunic :8 colors available : Fuscia, Pond, Red, Violet, Pink, Grass, Pearl, Blue.
Pants :8 colors available : Pink, Sky, Antrhacite, Violet, Camel, Cream, Orange, Green.
Single Tunic pack : 95 l$
Single Pants pack : 90 l$
Fat pack Tunic : 410 l$
Fat pack Pants : 390 l$
Demo (driven by a hud, so you may try all the color mixes) available on the vendor menu (touch the vendor and follow the menu).
Materials enabled 
Available at Marevelous Event till sept, 25th.>>> TAXI

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