Charlotte d’Amour is a yummy pastry to celebrate Valentine day this month !

Three gorgeous cakes to savor with your lover, friends or even all alone (because you want them all for you !!!)

There are 3 type of cake (the heart decor on the top is different on each of them).

Charlotte cake is very sweet dessert ! And when they have Chantilly at the top they are the best !

Those are served on lovely metallic plates.

Set up a lovely table with a bottle of Champagne and some glasses. Add those cute cakes, and you are ready to have an awesome moment with your guest !

These Charlottes are 1 Li only each.

Charlotte d’Amour : get it for free in February !

This new release is our groupgift for Februay ! Yes, you read well. You can have this pack for free during the month of February.

If you are already member of Petit Chat group, then just wear your grouptag and come at the store and slap the sign to get your free pack.

If you aren’t already part of the group and want to fix this straight away : Join the group : secondlife:///app/group/1bad6c17-10e1-b12b-8c9e-bd5ffbe54940/about . There is a 50 l$ one time fee, but it is really worth, as you get group gifts every month, and they are all valuable, because they are from our regular collections on sale.

If you prefer to not join, know that this item will be on regular sale after the month of February.

We also have another group gift (not new) in February : Amy Earmuffs.

See on that page to know more about February group gifts.

Have a wonderful Valentine day !


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