Croquet Set : our new release !

Wooden toys are more than just toys…. They may be also beautiful decors because they are usually beautiful objects.

This Croquet Set is part of those. So, you may use them to decorate a bedroom, a living room etc… and since we are now going to better weather….why not setting them on the lawn in a garden, or the floor of a deck ?

Croquet Set

This set includes :

  • The croquet box close : 2 li
  • A croquet box open (empty) : 2 li
  • Croquet box open (full) : 10 li Note that everything in the box may be unlinked, moved, rotated.
  • Mallets (4 colors) : 0,5 Li each
  • Balls (4 colors) : 0,5 Li each
  • Posts (4 colors) : 0,5 Li each
  • Hoops : 0,5 Li each

Also, note that this a decor item. It’s not “playable”.

And, you may create your own scene using pieces separately.

100 % Original Mesh

Copy/Modify/Materials Enabled

Exclusive item for SL Home & Decor Weekend sale (23rd & 24th of April)

Price of this item is 189 L$.

BUT, if you get it on its 2 first days of release (23rd & 24th of April) you can get it for 75 L$ only as part of the SL Home & Decor weekend sale event.

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