I’ve been away for a about 10 days for a surgery. While i should return on saturday 29th, things turned not as good as they should and well, i made an hemorrhage, forcing me to get a second surgery, blood transfusions and one week more at hospital.
But well, this is done now and im finally back home !
So you know the reason why there wasnt any flash group gift last week end at Petit Chat mainstore.

Now im enjoying being home again, and trying to catch my late but as i am slower than a snail (lol), things are taking long. Im not going to work rl till november 22nd, so even if i’m slow, i have plenty of time for catching up, and trust me, it will be done.

But for now, just because i need a bit of fun after those 10 days in my hospital bedroom, i decided to dance with the lights and so this is the flash group gift of this week-end.

The dress is from the ArtFashion collection and textured from one of the artwork i made from one of my visits at the Humanoid sim (no longer existing).
It comes with the jewellery set and the headpiece. And its materials enabled.

Check the Flash group gift page with all details.

Your taxi 

The box is right on the counter as usually.
You just have to wear your Petit Chat tag and touch it.

And stay tuned, because as i said, im late but forced to stay home for a few weeks so expect a new monthly group gift soon, some 65 l$ today deals and many more.

For now enjoy this new and unique gift ♥


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