Fleur du Mâle are proud to release the DRAKE collection. 
Drake eyes are highly detailed, reptilian-like eyes, coming with vivid and softly animated prim lights. Drake eyes are perfect for demons, dragons, elfs, nekos … or just as an Halloween or gothic touch to your avatar.

Like all the other Alive eyes, Drake eyes use at the same time the eyes layer and slowly animated prim lights, in order to bring life and realism onto the eyes of your avatar. Although the prims are optionnal, they are an important part of the Drake eyes.
Prims may need a bit of adjustement, depending on your shape, and for this reason come with a resize script.

Alive:Drake eyes come with 3 sizes of iris, and 3 shades for each size.

Seelie Drake Eyes include eyes for good or neutral characters, while Unseelie are rather for evil and/or demonic or gothic characters.
Here are some examples:



SPECIAL PETIT CHAT (made specially for Petit Chat outfits, u may also find them in the outfit pack) :

Each pack is 49 l$ and its copy.

You may find them here :
Petit Chat/FDM mainstore

Enjoy !


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