Festival Set 4 is a new addition to our Festival line. Still inspired from a Real Life Festival happening every summer in Catalonia North, this new set brings light to your garden !

While the first packs were about table, bench, barrel, stool and drinks and tapas board, we needed some lights for our evening events and concerts.

The pack includes a carousel of light to be used as standalone, and also, single parts : poles and strings to build your own set.

Carousel and strings have the ability to switch light ON and OFF.

You can also change the color of the bulbs with bi color options.

Festival Set 4 : Carousel of lights !

The carousel is 3 m higher, and 6m X 6m on the ground. You can, of course, resize it as it is modify. But keep in mind, the Li will change as you do.

Poles are 3 m higher.

Strings are 3,30 m wide.

Everything is 100% original mesh. It is copy, modify and materials enabled.

An instruction notecard is provided to know how to use the menus for light and colors. And also how to create your own set using the single parts with the best and lowest script usage.

Part of the Secret Sale Sundays on Jan, 17th

In addition, for its first day of release, they will be available for 50 L$ only, as part of the Secret Sale Sundays !

Do not miss this opportunity.

Taxi to Petit Chat mainstore : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rayne%20and%20PetitChat/70/94/27

Link to the page related to Secret Sale Sundays, in order to see our other deals : Secret Sale Sundays Event


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