Gourmet Set is our latest release, and it will be released as part of the Secret Sale Sundays on Jan 3rd, so you can get each of the sets for 50 L$ ONLY on the first day !

Gourmet Set comes in 2 parts : the carts and the dishes & pastries (4 options).

The carts come in 4 wood options in the pack. So you can change your mind anytime and use another color if you want to refresh your decor.

The land impact at the rezzed size is 7 Li. You can make it bigger or smaller, but keep in mind the Li will change as you do.

And to decorate your carts you needed some yummy items to offer to your friends or family when they come to visit. There are 4 Gourmet Set collections : Cherry, Mint, Berries and Citrus.

Each collection come with :

  • Plates
  • Spoon
  • Pile of plates and spoons
  • Pile of napkins
  • Cake
  • Cake server
  • Box of Rousquilles (can be opened or closed)

You probably don’t know Rousquilles, they are traditionnal cookies from the French Catalonya. My favorite cookies. They are all covered with icesugar. Wikipedia for Rousquille.

Each piece is 1 li only.

You can decorate as much tables and carts as you want with this set !

It is all original mesh and permissions are copy and modify.

And, it is materials enabled.

Gourmet set, part of the Secret Sale Sundays on Jan, 3rd

In addition, for its first day of release, they will be available for 50 L$ only, as part of the Secret Sale Sundays !

Do not miss this opportunity.

Taxi to Petit Chat mainstore : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rayne%20and%20PetitChat/70/94/27

Link to the page related to Secret Sale Sundays, in order to see our other deals : Secret Sale Sundays Event


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