Hello there !
As many of you have noticed, this blog has been pretty unactive for 9 months.

I wasn’t far. I was focused on learning and practicing Blender software in order to design my own mesh. (I ll say more about this soon)
In april, my friend PinkRayne and i decided to jump together for a full sim. We called it (of course) “Rayne and PetitChat”. (I’ll say more about this soon too )
The moving took some times too but all is fine now.
In last january, my friend Ren CEO of InspirationSL event decided to step back and handed me the event ownership which im sharing with PinkRayne (again ! She’s stalking me :p). (and yeah… ill say more about this aswell … soon )
So as you can see i havent been unactive at all, and rather super busy.

But here comes the time I want to care this blog again, giving it a new layout (soon) and finding a way to blog Petit Chat items more regularly but also in a way that will suits me better.

But for now here is a snapshot of Petit Chat new sim and mainstore.

New Moumou’s Square and Petit Chat mainstore

If you havent visited yet, i recommand you to do so.
The whole sim is set in a southern France countryside style.
Petit Chat mainstore is still set inside the beautiful windmill and the gallery is hiden under a hill.

You may play ping pong, ride a bicycle, drive a buggy, swim in the river or in the pond, do your market, or sit and enjoy a drink or a dinner.
And so many other things to do and see.

You can also use our teleporter all over the sim and go up in the sky to visit PinkRayne’s superb land in the sky : The Yorkshire Dales laying all over the sim size aswell !

Your taxi to Moumou’s Square and Petit Chat mainstore is here 

See ya really soon !!!

Happy to see you again sweeties !!! ♥


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