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Introducing my 6th exclusive outfit for Penumbra fashionweek autumn-winter 2014 today !
This one is called “Sweet Mnemosyne”, from an artwork i created last year from a snapshot i made in Feast .
You can see my digital work here  .
This outfit is a classy tailor and it comes with several accessories, like earrings and necklace and also a lovely cage with a broken heart inside to hold.
The tailor is composed of a straight skirt, a top and a jacket slightly opened on the top.
I played here with the materials again, adding more relief to the green parts while the darkest part keep being smoother.
If you want to look classy and feminine, this is an outfit for you.
On top it comes with a jewellery set : earrings and necklace. Textured from the artwork too and materials enabled aswell.
(Note that the make up im wearing, althought it matches pefectly with the outfit, is not from my store but it’s from Zibska)
The lil plus of this outfit is the cage to hold.
In the original artwork the caracter is locked in a cage in the middle of a green garden. It’s Mnemosyne, goddess of the memory. Like if someone has locked her here for not loosing memories but then the person left and forgot her there.
So i made the cage with branches and flowers and in the midle a broken heart. Like if you wander holding the memory of your lost love in a cage.
Well i know, i have twisted mind. 😀
The cage is also a lamp, both heart parts will lighten them if you click them.
Of course it’s material enabled too and it has a pose inside for you look like you are holding it naturally.
The whole outfit is 460 L$. Perms are copy but the jewellery and the cage are resizable.
You can also buy the jewellery pack separately for 60 l$ only.
All pics from this post are croped raw photographs.
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