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The second exclusive item i created for Penumbra fashionweek autumn-winter 2014 is a gorgeous long dress called “Silent Secret”
This is a long dress with a beautiful lowcut in the back surrounded by a drapé. Additionally there is also an assorted umbrella.
For this one i used a raw photography i made in Happy Mood sim at the very first days i got my current computer, so happy i was to finally be able to see the shadows. You can see the photograph here .

I had a lot of fun while creating the texture for this classy dress. I added a stainglass effect over the main part of the texture to create a snakeskin effect an let the black parts smooth like latex.
(Note that the cat hat I’m wearing on the pics is not part of the outfit, it comes from Mina hair store).
As usually with Petit Chat creations, (and specially with ArtFashion line), you can be sure that front and back texture will match, that’s really something im taking care about. 
Textures are high quality. Not only they come from artworks but they are all reworked and redraw for matching perfectly with the mesh. I don’t just slap the arwork on it lol, it’s actually pretty far from that. Each outfits are at least 3 days of work full time for the textures.
On top, of course, i’ve created materials textures for relief and light reflection.
If your computer can enable the advanced ligthing model feature in your graphic performance and if you are enough skilled and curious for playing with the windlight settings and the sun position, you’ll be amazed !
One of this day, I’ll try to make a tutorial about this.
As background of course you can see the beautiful Penumbra land.

The dress with the umbrella included is 360 l$, perm is copy only.
However the umbrella comes with a resizing script if you need to rescale it and it has a pose inside that will make you look like you are holding it naturally.

All pictures from this post are cropped raw photographs.
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