Yeah… I found a nest with eggs outside… What will i do now with it ? …
Use it as decor for my home ?
Do a good omelette with the eggs ?
Well im not a bird and i can’t sit on those eggs, indeed. So let me catch a cardigan, because it starts to be chilly outside and i’ll grab the ladder in the barn and will put the nest in a comfy branch in the tree it fell from.
Hopefully the Mummy bird will find it and take care of the future lil baby birds…
That’s it. No omelette. I’ll be a good girl today :p.

The cute dress i am wearing here is the Flash Group Gift of the week end ! So hurry up, as the “Flash” in the name means it doesnt last long. On tuesday 1 am slt, the gift box will disappear.
The dress is called “Dive” because its base is done in neoprene, the same material they do the wetsuits. It’s warm and comfy. The top part that will cover your breasts is done in lace and the add-on is veil. The mix of materials gives this dress its touch of unique originality.

Other infos on the Flash group gift page


(While you are there, do not forget ALL our gift cards (100, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000) are 50 % off. So you can enjoy a half price shopping, or start buying them to as xmas gifts for your friends)

On the pic, i am also wearing :
Mesh head : Genesis Lab Nicole
Mesh body : Maitreya Lara

Tattoo : GATO- Tat Combo
Sandals : fri. – Zephyr.Wraps (Tan)
Hair : [INK] COLORED PENCIL w/ SHORTCUT ::Platinum/White
Necklace/Bracelet : shhhh that’s a secret gift for my group members for xmas 🙂

Nest : dust bunny . robin nest . natural .

The photo has been taken at the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.


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