InspirationSL is paying a tribute to a mythic couple of Hollywood : Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart.
Those 2 were one of the most glamour pair of all the history of cinema till today. Both great actors, both beautiful and classy and most of all, both madly in love.
And the cherry on the pie is that both have been fashion icons.
When you think of Boggie, you think hat… Fedora hat… He was wearing this hat with such a class ! And what to say about Lauren wearing french beret ? So classy, so cheeky !

So we create both as exclusive items for this new round of InspirationSL event.

Humphrey’s fedora hat

That hat worn in Casablanca by Humphrey Bogart was felt, creased along the crown and pinched just so in the front and on both sides. With a contrasting hatband and felt look, here it is again! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

The hat comes with a texture hud (6 options for the hat, 6 for the strap)

Materials enabled.

Perms : Copy and mod.
Original mesh and textures.
(Thank you to my friend Arnno Planer for accepting to be my model here)

Lauren’s french beret

Let’s go on with the three b’s..Beret, Bacall, Bombshell. As worn by the iconic star of the 40’s and 50’s, who brought style to the big screen, this French Beret will add style to your screen too. For a classic but updated look with dress or trench-coat a beret adds that finish! You want one? Just whistle…

8 Versions available : Camel, Ebony, Grass, Grey, Plum, Red, Snow, Teal
Each version comes in 2 shapes and in 2 fabrics (wool and felt), thus you get 4 berets per pack.

Materials enabled

Perms : Copy and mod.

Original mesh and texture.

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