May 2019 is the final round of the Chapter Four.

This great shopping event has been around for 7 years ! It’s been one of the most famous event in SL and certainly the favorite of a lot of people. But everything has to come an end and May round is the final one. It is also the 7th Bday of it !

Our exclusive this month is a complement to our Manosque Cupboards : Table & chairs.

Along with the table, there is 2 kinds of chairs : simple chairs, and chairs with a thin cushion.

All the pieces are texture change, thus the pack includes the 4 wood versions and there are 8 options for the cushions )

The chairs come with 11 sit animations.

Land impact is 4 for the table and chair with cushion and 3 for the simple chair.

Everything is copy and modify and materials enabled.

TAXI to the event : Click HERE


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