You probably have heard of the Free Dove Center during your SL existence. This is one of the older and bigger center that offer all kind of great stuffs for free to all the newcomers in SL and less new ones, as there is no limit of age, it’s open to everyone.

And this is different with all the freebie centers as the goodies you find there are not the usual random freebie you can find for years in SL. Instead, Palomma, the owner, gathered a lot of famous SL designers and asked them to rezz a gift there. And she makes careful that gifts are updated often, thus it’s not about outdated freebies at all.

But yes… it’s free.

Among other activities, the owner, Palomma organize monthly mini-hunts. Each month 3 designers hide 10 of their items each all over the Free Dove Center and their own mainstore.

So this month Petit Chat is in !

How to do the hunt ?

<img src=" poster-1.png" alt="poster with prizes for Dove mini hunt" height="596" width="1024">

Prizes are locked into cherries. Find the cherries ! Get the prizes !

#1 to #6 are at the Free Dove Center 

You will need to wear the Free Dove grouptag to get them. Group is free, just copy this and paste it to the local chat and click the link to join it : secondlife:///app/group/2b6ea148-253e-325d-bf8b-f7eeb8c25dae/about .

#7 to #10 are in Petit Chat mainstore. 

#7 and #8 will need the Free Dove tag.

#9 and #10 will need Petit Chat group tag (50 l$ to join, one time fee).

(group joiner in the mainstore)

<img src="find-me.png" alt="Cherry object for mini dove hunt" height="840" width="1024">
Find the lil Cherry ! Get the prize !


The hunt ends on July 31st !

And there are 2 other stores with 10 prizes each.

Enjoy !


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