After 2 monthes without designing because of rl issues, i’m back with a gorgeous new outfit : the Down by the Water. A sweet and lovely outfit for you, girls, who want to be feminine.
The Down by the Water (yes, the name of the outfit was inspired to me by a PJ Harvey’s song) has 3 versions :
     ** The babydoll version : perfect to go to visit nice places in sl, go to shopping, or go to hang out with friends…

     ** the mini-lace skirt version :  with a gorgeous top with lace and chain, and a mini skirt with lovely black lace and a cute lace flower on the front… Yes, really sexy, you will wear it with a sexy lil panties, and you ll be able to drive all the men crazy when they will see you…. Perfect for going clubbing, or whatever else … ;-))

     ** The long skirt version : my favorite’s one. This one is really elegant and so sexy at once…The top is the same as for the miniskirt version, and the skirt, oh yes, the skirt si so feminine… with lovely lace at the bottom, a lil shorter in the front, and just adjusted to let the panties showed on the hips. Exactly what i’d like to wear in real… you will like to wear it in all occasions, and even in special occasions, for some cocktails parties, exhibit inaugurations, but also, for just simply days.

All versions include accessories : head-band with lovely bow and bangles.
You may also find it in a fat pack, and so save 100 L$ :

Yes, as you may see, the prices are still low, like all my items.. no need to be rich for wearing Petit Chat’s, its the policy of my store… i dont like discriminations and specially money discrimination.
That’s why you may find also, 2 new gifts on my MM boards every week, and same for the group gifts. So come often and check what’s new in Petit Chat’s.
You know also im always glad to help, so feel free to im me if u see me online and need help in my store. !


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