It’s that time again ! The I ♥ The Cart Sale is back !

And it’s celebrating Autumn, Halloween time and all kind of pumpkins !

Our exclusive item

Pumpkin Lamps : our exclusive release.

Inspired by the seasonal change, we did create those gorgeous Pumpkin Lamps.

A mix of fabrics, cinnamon sticks, and candle… The perfect decor for your home and not only during the Fall, because those lamps may match with any time of the year !

Something eerie this way comes…to admire and run away with your candle lit pumpkins!
That is exactly what these fantastic multiple-patterned pumpkin lamps will do for you, your guests and your precious Trick-Or-Treaters!
Go ahead and light up your porch, decorate your castle living room, impress your dark secret sweetheart dinner or enrich your spooky garden with these beauties,
matching any of your home fabrics’ and furnitures’ textures with their fabulous designs and their natural materials.
Halloween couldn’t be more elegant and fun with these dazzling pumpkins, bound to win you a thumbs-up from your local witch gathering!

Pumpkin Lamps : 3 types (A-B-C)

Land impact : 3 (each)

Candle On/OFF (click the wick)

Sold individually, or as a fatpack (including the 3 lamps)

100 % Original mesh. Copy/Modify/Materials Enabled

Autumn Short Table : our exclusive Hunt Prize.

Hands up if you are a fan of short side-tables made of natural materials that will be adding a homey feeling to any space.
This wooden table might be discreet in size and wood texture, but don’t be fooled! It can easily hold all your autumn decorations and make them pop-out in every room!
It can be stuffed with your trick-or-treat candy-filled baskets and numerous Halloween decorations eerie or not!
Just a word of warning here, the table is so cute, fairies might snatch it off for their own magic adobes!

Short table : 2 Li

100 % Original mesh. Copy/Modify/Materials Enabled

You will find both items at the I ♥ The Cart Event. More infos : http://heart the cart

Taxi to the event :

The event runs from Oct 1st till the 31st.


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